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Friends of Rangers

Friends of Rangers is a special program of the SoMo District whereby individuals, churches, and other organizations partner with us to provide financial underwriting and targeted financial assistance to boys, leaders, or outposts in order to extend the ministry of Royal Rangers to those who may otherwise be unable to participate.  Friends of Rangers provide periodic or ongoing financial contributions that enable us to provide the experience of Royal Rangers to those who need it the most. 

Benefits Provided

This program enables us to provide the following benefits:

  • Providing registration scholarships to boys with limited financial means who seek to attend district events such as Pow-Wow, junior training camps, or missions trips

  • Providing training fee scholarships to new leaders with limited income

  • Providing curriculum or other resources to new outposts with limited funding

  • Underwriting specific costs of district events to minimize the registration fees for everyone attending


These examples represent some of the ways your contributions as a friend of Rangers may be used to ensure the ministry of Royal Rangers is made available to EVERY BOY, regardless of financial means.

Become a Friend of Rangers

During challenging times such as these, an ever-growing number of families are facing financial challenges, but the faithfulness of our friends enables us to provide special assistance to those who need it the most.  If you would like to join us as a “Friend of Rangers” just make a donation to our district Royal Rangers program through this online giving page or download this DONOR FORM, or contact us for more information.


Apply for Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance from our friends, please complete the scholarship application below and send it to the district office or contact us for additional information.

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