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Leader Training Classes

The following adult leader training classes are provided from time to time in our district.  Follow the links below for more information.

Ranger Foundations.png

Ranger Foundations

Ranger Foundations serves as the first and most essential step in an outpost leader's training process.  Topics include weekly meetings, advancements & awards, uniforms, annual program planning, and more.

Ranger Safety 2020.png

Ranger Safety

Keeping boys safe during every meeting, event, or activity is an essential role of every Royal Rangers leader.  This course provides essential information every Royal Rangers leader needs to hear.

Ranger Essentials.jpg

Ranger Essentials

Ranger Essentials provides outpost leaders with additional information beyond Ranger Foundations.   Topics include building relationships, mentoring methods, dealing with problems, and more.

Ranger Ministry Academy.gif

Other Training Modules

Additional training modules may be available from time to time as opportunities arise.  If you are interested in leader training beyond the courses listed above please contact us for additional information.


Leader's Conference

A district Leader's Conference is conducted in the spring each year that typically includes a variety of workshops for outpost leaders to improve their skills in various areas.  Refer to our Leaders Conference page for details.


Junior Leader Training

Developing junior leaders is a central aspect of the Royal Rangers program and our district provides events each year for this purpose.  Details can be found on the Junior Leader Training page.

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