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Royal Rangers Alumni

Royal Rangers Alumni is an affiliate program of Royal Rangers that provides former members of Royal Rangers with continuing opportunities to serve and advance the mission of Royal Rangers without being actively involved in an outpost. RRA membership is open to any adult with prior experience in the program, as a boy or a leader.

Mission & Purpose

Royal Rangers Alumni exists to support the ongoing mission of Royal Rangers by providing continuing opportunities for former Royal Rangers leaders and boys to provide service and support to the program without being directly involved in a Royal Rangers outpost. RRA members serve in a variety of roles in the district, such as:

  • Assisting with games, preparing meals, or other activities at the district Pow-Wow or other district Royal Rangers events

  • Serving on district action teams to provide oversight in specific areas of the program such as finances, training, or the campgrounds

  • Participating in camp improvement projects at the district campgrounds.

  • Representing and promoting Royal Rangers at non-RR events, such as Sectional minister’s meetings, summer camps, and district youth conferences.

  • Collecting testimonies & stories from individuals about the ways the Royal Rangers program has impacted them, and sharing those stories on social media, district newsletter, national Royal Rangers news, and elsewhere.

Membership Requirements

RRA membership does not require approval by a church to serve as children or youth worker (the current standard for active Royal Rangers outpost leaders) but does require the completion of a criminal background check (performed by the district) and the endorsement of your pastor as a suitable example of Christlike character. The following requirements must be met to attain RRA membership in the SoMo district:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older

  2. Be a former Royal Rangers leader (male or female) or formerly involved as a boy in Royal Rangers

  3. Agree to support the work of Royal Rangers on an ongoing basis, through financial contributions OR by providing service at district Royal Rangers events.

  4. Pass a national criminal & child abuse registry background check

  5. Be endorsed by your pastor as a suitable example of Christlike character and attitude.

  6. Submit a membership application to the district office at

  7. Daily live by the Royal Rangers Code and agree to comply with the standards of the district at all times and to work in cooperation with district leaders in the performance of your duties.


Annual Membership Renewal

Membership in RRA must be renewed annually to remain active. The following requirements must be met to maintain active RRA membership in the SoMo district:

  1. Pass a periodic national criminal & child abuse background check (once every 3 years, conducted by the district)

  2. Be endorsed by your pastor as a suitable example of Christlike character and attitude.

  3. Demonstrate support for your district Royal Rangers program by completing any ONE of the following:

    • Make an annual financial contribution to the district for $25.00 or more.

    • Serve at a district Royal Rangers event within the last 12 months.

    • Serve the district in some other role as approved by the District Director.

  4. Continue to live by the Royal Rangers Code and comply with the standards of our district, working in cooperation with our district leaders in the performance of your duties.

Individuals who fail to renew their membership will retain their membership status but will be placed on an INACTIVE list and will be ineligible to serve at district events until renewed. RRA members who return to active outpost leader status and are approved by their church to work with children & youth will typically move to INACTIVE alumni status for the duration of the active outpost service (i.e. an individual may not be an active outpost leader and an active RR Alumni at the same time). The definition of active outpost status is left to the leader or outpost to determine and is generally not monitored or managed by the district.

Charter Membership

Active members of RR Alumni will automatically be chartered as members of a special RRA "district outpost" in order to qualify for annual service awards and charter discounts at Royal Rangers events.


Lifetime Service Award

The Lifetime Service Award is presented by the national Royal Rangers Alumni Coordinator and national Royal Rangers Director to leaders who have demonstrated a lifetime of service to the Royal Rangers ministry. Applications and criteria may be obtained from the national office at

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