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Ministry to Boys Can Take Many Forms

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

When the Royal Rangers program first began many years ago, it was designed to REACH boys with the gospel message, TEACH them the truths of Scripture, and KEEP them connected to the church through a variety of activities boys enjoy. Although many features of the program have changed through the years, the mission of Royal Rangers remains unchanged, and churches across the country and around the world have employed Royal Rangers as their primary evangelism and discipleship tool for the boys of their churches and communities.

But due to changing ministry conditions and preferences over time, a church may experience seasons where alternative ministry options are needed that enable them to reach and disciple boys in ways that better align with the changing needs and capabilities of their church. Effective ministry to boys can take many forms, and the form of ministry your church chooses to employ may change over time as you experience seasons of change. Regardless of the season, every church can provide ministry to boys in some form.

Consider the following as a spectrum of examples of what your ministry to boys may look like at different points in time as your church experiences seasons of change.

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Category 4

Category 5

Periodic Activities

Integrated Ministries

Custom Clubs

Lite Royal Rangers

Full Royal Rangers

Periodic activities for men and boys that bring them together around common interests where relationships are built and boys learn Christlike manhood in the community of men.

Gender-based ministry incorporated into your existing ministry programs, such as youth ministry small groups for teen guys.

A custom "club style" boys program utilizing many aspects of Royal Rangers but designed to fit the unique needs and conditions of your church.

A "lite" Royal Rangers program providing the same skills & discipleship pathway as a full program but without the cost and complexity.

Full featured Royal Rangers Program with multiple age groups utilizing all aspects of advancement, awards, uniforms, and insignia.

Every man and boy needs a community of Christlike men that will encourage and support him in his journey to become the man of God he was created to be, and every church can provide that community on some level. From the full-featured & robust Royal Rangers outpost to the simple & basic monthly activity for men & boys, every church can provide boys with some form of pathway to discovering the man they were created to be.

If you’re interested in exploring the options available for ministry to boys, we would be glad to help. We can assist in exploring the options available and help you design a plan for providing an effective and engaging ministry to the men and boys of your community that is uniquely suited to the vision, objectives, and capabilities of your church. Contact the Royal Rangers national office at We can assist you and put you in contact with your district staff.

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